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In a nutshell

6 reasons that will (hopefully) make you want to learn more about us

All the pieces connected

Digital is everywhere... if everywhere is digital. Not anymore. We bring digital power to the physical world.

An end-to-end solution

Mobile phones, presence detectors, in-store screens, business intelligence... We offer a fully integrated solution. No fuss.

Realtime in-store marketing

As simple as: if the system reads these metrics in the store, I want those actions to take place. Rinse and repeat.

For business, not for coolness

We are business people and we've developed our solution with a business mindset. Haven't heard of us? Good.

Enjoyable experiences

If you bother your customers, they'll avoid you. If they enjoy themselves, they'll want to hear from you. As simple as that.

People, not devices

Technology is not used by computers, or mobile phones, or screens. It's used by people. We always keep that in mind.

N'Joy Smartketing:
digital meets physical

There's a marketing principle that you don't want to break: do not try to change consumers' habits. We use mobile phones because we use what consumers already use. But that's just the beginning. We are not a mobile marketing company. We are much more than that. We use technology to integrate many different devices and deliver a more enjoyable, more profitable, shopping experience.
Happy customers, happy companies.

  • Realtime presence scanner
  • In-store smartscreens
  • Beacon-ready mobile app
  • S.M.A.R.T. framework
  • Big-data platform
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"Digital" gives retailers a lot of power...
but only on the Internet

In a "web store" you can know how many visitors you have, and how many are newbies or repeaters, how many times they've visited you, how much time they spend on your site, how many of them end up buying and what they've bought, how much money they've spent, how often they buy, what communications they've reacted to, how profitable every customer is for you...

This allow you to adapt your communications and deals, measure every campaign or action, run A/B tests quickly, learn and improve continuously, show them products in line with their preferences, communicate 1-on-1, send them real-time alerts, reward their loyalty, design upselling actions...

But in a "physical store" everything still has a question mark

How many clients are in the store? What's the dominant target group? Have they visited you before? How many times? How often? How much time do they spend in your store? And at what sections/areas? Do they have your loyalty card? (You only get to know it when they've already purchased; if they don't buy, you don't even know they've been in your store!)

Therefore, with so many uncertainties, you can only... show the same communication to everyone, offer the same deals regardless, invest on marketing "by the pound", mix up successes and failures, learn slowly with expensive trial-and-error, wave your loyal clients goodbye when they leave, or offer them something... for their next visit!

The answer is phygital: digital power for physical stores

Realtime presence scanners and beacons detect how many clients are in the store. And, more importantly, send those data also in realtime to the servers for our S.M.A.R.T. framework to build a "marketing scenario". Depending on what's happening in the store (clients, marketing profiles, business objectives, historical data...), actions are taken. From showing a tailored communication on the in-store screens, to offering the client a personalized offer via a push notification to his/her mobile phone. Everything is connected.

Deep down, it's a solid system with lots of data chunks, connections and devices interacting with each other. For the customers and the companies, it just works. Seamless. No new routines, no new habits. Our system doesn't intimidate customers and easily integrates into existing company marketing plans. Technology is here to help. Finally.

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Other Features

There are no such things as executional "details"


Our S.M.A.R.T. framework is fully configurable. You decide the business objectives and then set the measures and actions to perform.


As you could expect, we only allow secure traffic with authenticated access to our systems. It's a business framework, not a toy.


Our SaaS business model gives you all the power without the hassle. Our servers run the framework and you just access it when you need to.


On top of getting realtime information about what's happening right now in your stores, you also get a detailed analysis of the historical evolution.


If you want, we can integrate our S.M.A.R.T. framework with your systems to, for instance, get realtime time sales data or customer records.

Plug & Play

Our hardware is "real-world proof" and it's designed to be absolutely non-intrusive. We know that our machines work for you, not the other way around.


We take care of both the installation and maintenance of all the hardware and software needed to deploy our S.M.A.R.T. framework in your stores.


You decide how fast you want to go. Let's run a 1-store test. Or let's go with 100. Integrate all your systems from the beginning. Or phase it out. Your call.

We're hiring!

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Tailored communications


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